Hi! Let me tell you my story.

I am a bilingual graphic designer and illustrator based in Calgary. As a child, unlike other kids who asked their parents for toys, I asked for paper to draw on.

My family bought our first computer when I was six, giving me an opportunity to explore design tools even at that age. And, because my family has a printing business, I had an opportunity to learn printing techniques, as well
Outside of school, I helped my father get designs ready for print. At 15, I came across a yearbook design that my dad (a fine artist) was working on. I designed a version that was selected to go to print.That early success led to my enrolment in the HoChiMinh City University of Fine Arts where I learned a variety of design styles and discovered an interest in illustration.

Because schools in Vietnam do not offer a specialization in illustration, I chose to study in Canada. Ontario’s Seneca College illustration program offered me a chance to expand my skills and knowledge in illustration. Near the end of my term there, I participated in a class competition to design a poster for our 2020 gradshow. Unfortunately, the gradshow was cancelled. However, my poster was selected for a bigger municipal event, Canzine 2020.

I find myself in Alberta now because this is where I have family. I love the outdoors, and quality of life here.